I’ve been working as a UX designer for about 15 years.

Helping clients structuring and visualising their needs with the end user at the top of my mind. Whether it be interaction design or visual design, it’s always about optimising the user experience with great usability and interaction.

I received my master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia from Portsmouth University. Apart from having a company for more than ten years i've had the experience on working at a Digital Agency for large clients in an Agile Scrum environment.

You can find me on TwitterInstagram and Linkedin. Say hello.



Still the fastest way to get an idea on paper. Sketching. Useful in a workshop or a design sprint.


Every assignment needs its own tool. Wheter it's Axure or Sketch, it's all about getting an idea across to the rest of the (scrum) Team.



Testing in a early stage to get on the right track and add the most (business) value is crucial to keep a focus on the right Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

A selection of recent clients i've worked with